Let me Feel a Heart

I was merrily wasting my time in Orkut… Suddenly, this one struck me out of the blue. Don’t ask me why/how I wrote this. I don’t know!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I did refine it a bit. But I’m still clueless how this happened.

Lord! Let me feel a Heart…

That shows Love which
Always Sees Deep
Into The Eyes of Another

That shows Trust which
Never Seeks Intentions
Behind The Words of Another

That shows Glee which
Never Needs Reason
For Kindness from Another

That shows Sorrow which
Never Fears Emotions
In The View of Another

That shows Reason which
Never Judges a Character
Through The Actions of Another

That shows Courage which
Always Speaks Up for Itself
In The Presence of Another

That shows Kindness which
Never Hesitates to Share
The Sorrow of Another

That shows Innocence which
Never Finds a Reason
To Put Hatred upon Another

That shows Humility which
Always Accepts as much Goodness
Residing In the Heart of Another

That shows Beauty which
Always Knows and is Proud
Of The Lord in Itself


The Post!!!!

The Master has spoken!!! So now I have to write something… all these days a bad net connection, bad health and a lazy mind made sure that this blog got a break from my mindless typing. But now I have to post!!!

So what should I post about… Cricket (right as if we really need to read more about that :o)??? a Story (please no pleeeease…)???

Maybe I’ll just put up a small poem…

The Stone

In a box
Lay a little stone
Watching a pair of hands
Carve out many jewels

All the little gold pieces
Swelled with pride
As one by one they made
Beautiful works of art

“I am so worthless”
wept the stone,
Seeing the pretty work
Of which it was not a part

“I was locked for years
And was hit on a hundred times
But what is the use of it all?
If I am to perish without worth”

Then it heard a bell
And a few footsteps
A kind voice spoke
“Is it ready, Sir?”

“One moment please”
answered another voice.
And to his surprise
The stone was lifted out of the box

The little gold pieces
Who were sneering at the stone
Suddenly fell silent
As the man spoke

“For hours I worked
On designing this art
But none of it is complete
Without this gem”

With these words
He placed the diamond
Upon the jewel
And it glowed even more

The stone realized
The reason it was taken last
Was not lack of worth
But a worth that was greater than all


This poem has been sleeping in my Drafts section for more than a month… finally completed it ๐Ÿ™‚

I rested my eyes

Feeling a curtain of darkness

Closing down before my sight

And delved into myself

A chirp woke me

And there before me

Was a little winged beauty

Captivating me in silence

Wanting to see something more beautiful

I closed my eyes again

There came a loud screech

And there before me

Lay the montionless little bird

Prey to a hungry feline

Not wishing to see the sight

I closed my eyes again

Minutes after, I stand confused

Should my eyes remain closed to the world

Fearing the gory sights that I may see…

Or Should I let the sights flood into my mind

Hoping to see the beauty there is…


Below poem is dedicated to Pingu and all the unfortunate souls stuck in the Corporate mess…

Years of Dreams
Days of Learning
Hours of Studying
All get us into
A strange world called Corporate

To see some money
Every thirty days
We lose our peace
We lose our soul

The Heart cries out
To do what is right
But it is thrown by the side
What the ‘Client’ says
By that we shall abide ๐Ÿ™‚

The Heart wants one
To believe in the Self
But can be shattered
By a single Appraisal ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

A world where
Forgiveness is little
Someone on the other side of Earth
Lost a little time
And hence our soul is tainted
And we are seen as Sinners

A world where
They want us to think out-of-the-box
But don’t free the mind
From the ‘Process’

A world where
We are expected to forget
Our Near and Dear ones
But we should care, feel and think for
People half-way across the globe
Who do not even know we exist

O! New-Age Gurus
Who have so many answers
On how to reach a goal
We Walk on a path which
We do not know where it leads
Is there no answer for us?

This is all I could think of at 12 in the night :)… will try to write a more ‘feelings’ poem later…

The Dust

I am walking on a road
My legs are tiring
As I move toward the horizon…

The way is full of dust
To which I give a glance
And I look toward the horizon…

A speck falls on my ear,
And seems to whisper
As I see the horizon…

‘Please look back’
Whispers the dust…
As I move toward the horizon…

I don’t have the time
To look back
I need to reach the horizon…

I keep walking, and walking
Then down with fatigue
I look back

The dust is all cleared
And there is a child,
With a smile on his face

I ask him –
‘Who are you Child?
Are you following me?’

No‘ he says
‘I have been here long
You have walked past me’

I cannot believe
That I did not see the child
I ask him – ‘Who are you Child?

He does not reply
I hold his hand…
I feel happiness in my heart

I want to take the child with me
Why, I do not know…
And walk toward the horizon

The way seems so beautiful now,
Flowers bloom as I walk…
I ask him – ‘Who are you Child?

He looks up at me, and says –

‘You saw me as dust,
That was barely visible
As you walked your way,
Toward the horizon

You did not see…
You did not care…
As you walked your way,
Toward the horizon
When you were down,
You looked back
And I was seen by you.
You took me by my hand

You may reach where you want,
Or you may fail

Whatever the result may be
It will all seem beautiful
When I am with you…

I am Love’


It has the power…

…To make one happy
When one is not

…To kill the happiness
Of a person’s soul

…To learn the meaning of life
When the heart guides

…To doubt the purpose of life
When it is all wrong

…To keep us going
Knowing our goal

…To stop us in our tracks
The moment we think of it

…To help us love
And be grateful

…To make us hate
With bad opinions

…To help us live
With Hope

…To drive us to death
Showing the darkness of the past

Memories is the single force that keeps the world going all around us.

If it was not for a past, nobody in this world would be looking toward a brighter and better future with hope. And without hope there would be no love, friendship, purpose.

Never hate your memories. God gave them for a reason. The good ones are to cherish. The bad ones are to learn.

No memory in your life, good or bad, is worth forgetting. It is all part of the beautiful path in which you walk. Turn around and you will see your footprints. Some will be strong, some will be weak. The weak prints do not mean that you did not walk properly. They mean that you walked, made an impression and moved on, no matter how hard it may have been. When a bad memory comes by, know that you have lived through it and nothing can stop you from looking forward a better future.

Wishing you many happy memories!!! And some bad ones sprinkled on the way ๐Ÿ™‚ – to make you stronger.

Dreams – II

I look up at the Sky…
The blue beauty
Painted by Nature
How high it seems to be

I stretch out my hands
And try to touch it
Wish I could fly
How high it seems to be

Strange is the force of Nature
That shows me the beautiful Sky
But stops me from reaching it
How high it seems to be

I can see the Sky
I can feel its beauty
I know this is
The way it is meant to be

But I cannot reach it
As the silent Earth
Sleeps beneath my feet
How peaceful it seems to be

Then my heart asks me –
What right do I have…
To think of the Sky?
When the Earth that has borne me
Needs me to be here

Maybe one day
I will touch the sky – I do not know
But now, sleeps beneath my feet
The patient Earth
That needs me to be here


One Smile… One Grin
One Frown… One Tear
One Glance… One Laugh
That is all you need to see, Friend
To know What is in my Heart

Words are but a Glass Wall
Hiding the Heart
More my Trust
More transparent it is
But for a Friend like you
It does not exist

Hi! Wishing you all a Happy Friendship Day ๐Ÿ™‚


A big dream came my way
When I was young and vulnerable
The dream fascinated me
Cherish it I did โ€“
It was after all my future self

The big dream went away
When I could think for myself
A smaller dream came my way
Cherish it I did โ€“
This seemed more practical

The smaller dream went away
When I was preparing for my future
Yet another dream came
Cherish it I tried โ€“
This was the most feasible one for me

The dream did not go away
When I was old enough to achieve it
Much to my delight it almost came true
Cherish it I tried to โ€“
For I was almost there

I was shattered when
I realized there was much more to the dream
Than the simple thing that I thought it was
There is much I have to do
But I was stopped in my tracks

Life did not let me go for it
There is so much I have to do
To make my dream come true
But there is so much more
To live for on this day

The dream fades away
Far beyond my reach
All I can do is let out a tear
It was after all a dream
Whereas this day is Reality

It’s Mine…

I wrote this poem in Tamil actually, in my mounam pesugiradhu blog, but then I thought why not translate it here… ๐Ÿ™‚

When my Heart
Filled with sorrow…

I thought –
Where is the hand?
That was to wipe my tears?
Where is the voice?
That was to console me?

I turned –
The space next to me was empty

Then I realized
The tears are mine –
So is the hand that should wipe it
The heart that feels is mine –
So is the voice that should console it