Ode To The Master :p

An Ode to my Master… in a way which would make her veryyyyy proud (???)

Ringie Ringie Ringie!!!
Did You See My Pingie???
Ringie Said This Thingie
That Zingie Sang The Singie
When Mingie Lost The Pingie
Bingie Went To Kingie
But Kingie Showed The Fingie
I Wish I Had Wingie
So I Could Find My Pingie
Dingie Dingie Dingie!!!
Oh How I Miss My Pingie!!!

If you do not know my Master Pingie, do not try to make sense of this post… You could, if you wish. I will pray for your mental well-being…


The Story… :)

Sorry for the delay, did not get much of a chance to spend(waste) time before my system last week.

Here is the story –

A geriatric member of the feminine group – ஒரு பாட்டி

devilled a conglomeration of cosmestible components in a scalding lipid – வடை சுட்டுக்கிட்டு இருந்தாங்க

Within a hardly significant interval in a nonspatial continuum, – அப்போ திடிருனு

a member of the corvus genus (Name: Corvie) – ஒரு காக்கா

flittered through the firmament – வானத்துலிருந்து பறந்து வந்து

and purloined a modicum of the suateed entity – ஒரு வடைய திருடிட்டு போயிடுச்சு

Corvie festinated to the apex of a perennial multicellular organism. – காக்கா மரத்து மேல போய் உக்கார்ந்துரிச்சு

A carnivorous member of the Vulpes genus (Name: Vulpie) – அப்போ ஒரு நறி

perceived the esculent material with Corvie – காக்கா கிட்ட இருந்த வடைய பார்த்து

and fostered an appetence to partake the same. – அதை சாப்பிடனும்னு ஆசை பட்டுச்சு

Vulpie confabulated with Corvie the following statement – நறி காக்கா கிட்ட சொல்லுச்சு –

“You exhibit an enticing enunciation. Would you proffer me a composition?” – ” உன் குரல் ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு. எனக்காக ஒரு பாடு பாடுறியா?”

Perceiving Vulpie’s blandishment as veridical, – நறி சொன்னது உண்மைனு நம்பி
Corvie unclosed the mandible – காக்கா பாட வாய திறந்துச்சு
and effectuated the descent of the conglomeration. – வடை கீழே விழுந்துடுச்சு.

Vulpie secured its dominion over the pabulum and scoured forthwith. – நறி வடைய எடுத்துட்டு ஓடி போயிடுச்சு.

For those of you who can’t read tamil –

A geriatric member of the feminine group – An old lady

devilled a conglomeration of cosmestible components in a scalding lipid – was frying vadais (I can’t find the english word… let me know if you are aware of it)

Within a hardly significant interval in a nonspatial continuum, – Suddenly,

a member of the corvus genus (Name: Corvie) – a crow

flittered through the firmament – came flying down

and purloined a modicum of the suateed entity – and stole a vadai

Corvie festinated to the apex of a perennial multicellular organism. – Then the crow flew up to a branch on the top of a tree

A carnivorous member of the Vulpes genus (Name: Vulpie) – A fox

perceived the esculent material with Corvie – saw the crow holding the vadai.

and fostered an appetence to partake the same. – The fox wished to eat it

Vulpie confabulated with Corvie the following statement – The fox told the crow –

“You exhibit an enticing enunciation. Would you proffer me a composition?” – ” You have a very sweet voice. Will you sing a song for me?”

Perceiving Vulpie’s blandishment as veridical, – The crow thought what the fox said was true.

Corvie unclosed the mandible – The crow opened its mouth to sing

and effectuated the descent of the conglomeration. – which caused the vadai to fall down.

Vulpie secured its dominion over the pabulum and scoured forthwith. – The fox took the vadai and ran away.


The first person to guess this was… Pingie!!! 🙂 Many thanks Pingie dear for taking the time to read through and post the answer. I’m not at all surprised because she is a big English Jeevi. Promised her a chocolate next time I see her. The reason I’m mentioning this – promises made in public are more effective. :p

My brain is totally out… thanks for reading… will post soon :)…

Corvie and Vulpie

NOTE: I know all of you are good, honest people and will not google and check the words in the story, even if you do not understand some of them. Still, I would like to request that you don’t

A geriatric member of the feminine group devilled a conglomeration of cosmestible components in a scalding lipid. Within a hardly significant interval in a nonspatial continuum, a member of the corvus genus (Name: Corvie) flittered through the firmament and purloined a modicum of the suateed entity.

Corvie festinated to the apex of a perennial multicellular organism. A carnivorous member of the Vulpes genus (Name: Vulpie) perceived the esculent material with Corvie and fostered an appetence to partake the same.

Vulpie confabulated with Corvie the following statement –

“You exhibit an enticing enunciation. Would you proffer me a composition?”

Perceiving Vulpie’s blandishment as veridical, Corvie unclosed the mandible and effectuated the descent of the conglomeration.

Vulpie secured its dominion over the pabulum and scoured forthwith.

*** THE END ***

This piece is an experiment to prove two facts:

1. What will happen if Jamie starts writing in big biggg difficult words, and to make you feel more thankful that Jamie doesn’t do so 🙂

2. How you can make a complete complicated mess out of something which can be expressed clearly using simple words.

If you were able to conjecture… oops 🙂 … guess the story, post a comment. Even if you were unable to do so, comment anyway :p . Comments with guesses will be withheld till next week, when I will give out the actual story. Even if you think you are correct, please don’t reveal it your other friends who may be reading this.

If you are interested, you may see my inspiration here. (Nothing against the author, but I definitely don’t feel comfortable reading something that makes me refer a dictionary once every 10 words.) :p

A cordial valediction to all!!!! 🙂

Jamie’s Smilieee Guide

Got the not-updating-often guilt into my mind again. I really don’t know why but I seem to be writing more mokka kavidhais than posting here :|…

Introducing you to Jamie’s smiley dictionary –

[:)] – Happy

[:(] – Mmm… not really sad, summa showing like I am

[:D] – So happy I could shout eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

[:o] – I just told one periya significant (to me) matter so you better react the same way :p

[:'(] – Very sad/angry. Maybe I really am crying

[>:(] – You are the only reason I’m angry right now

[:p] – I am a crack and you know it, I know it, so you will treat me like one

[>:)] – Evil look. I am making up my mind to either torture you with my meaningless (eevilll!!) blabberring or vaangify your maanam by doing some evil thing

[:|] – Nothing to say

[||:(] – Banging my head on the wall

[…] – Same as above

[eeeeeeeeeeee] – Random shouting, usually for no reason at all. May also be used as a substitute for ‘:D’. (Specially reserved for Pingie, though others may have to endure it at times)

[///////], [{}{}{}{}{}{}{}],[+=+=+=+=+], and other random (but aren’t they pretty 🙂 ) designs – Hear meeee! Reply to meeee!!! How dare you minimize my windoooow?????? (may also use eeeeeeeeeeee for the same)

[kjfsf  fjldkfd dlfdflfkldkf;], and many such random letters/characters – Same as above

Have a Nice New Ear…

I think and think and think what to post for New Year. Then I realize it is already New Year!!! Ohhhhhh…

All I have to say…

Gaaappyyy Neeewww Eaaaarrrr!!!!!!!!! 🙂

No, I’m not getting a new ear, nor is anyone I know. Call it the Pingie influence… what I meant to say…

Haaappyyy Neeewww Yeeaaaarrrr!!!!!!!!! 😀

See you should start your New Year happily so you should not scold meeeee for this post…

My brain is off. Will try to get it up and running tomorrow.

WARNING: Big cliche coming up – :p

Wish You All a Nice and Prosperous Year 2008

Jamie and The Red-Eyebrow Duckie

Yes I know the spelling of D-U-C-K-Y but I like spelling it D-U-C-K-I-E :). (like Jamie, Subie, Pingie, etc…)

I suppose you are curious about the Red-Eyebrow Duckie (R.E. Duckie) in the title (I don’t suppose you are very much curious about the Jamie in the title). You see, the Dear Duckie… ooo duckiiieee… kutti kutti duckieee… cuuutiee duckkiieee… I love you my duckkiieeeee.. hmm… where was I? Ah yes, R.E. Duckie was first born as an Outline along with the Outlines of a few other things related to the place where duckies are usually found. The poor thing was doomed for Life as an Outline. 😦

Luckily, on the same day that Duckie appeared, Jamie found a Sketch-Pen set lying on her bed. So Jamie immediately set out on a mission to save the Outline Duckie and transform it into an Outline-Duckie-With-Colour. The result of which you see below –

Questions you must not ask

1. What is that orange plant?
2. Why is the above mentioned plant growing on a green rock? And why does that rock look more like a computer mouse?
3. Why does Duckie have Red Eyebrows?
4. And last of all, do not ask about the little shade of blue on Duckie’s face which Jamie has so ingeniously disguised to look like a Dhrishti Pottu (in the wrong place)… Oh no did I just say that???

All other questions, comments, scoldings on how terrible I am at colouring, are welcome…

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Spoiler Free Review!!!

Just finished the book. I have been waiting for this moment, when I would finally finish the book, what is the last anyone will read of Harry’s world.

One precaution to be taken before starting the book would be to throw away all your notions, theories, ideas and just get along with the story as it is. If you don’t, if you expect to see things unfold in a certain way, then you will be dissapointed. The extreme hype around the book has definitely not helped in this respect.

The tale begins on predictable lines – Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort making plans… and Harry at the Dursleys… the Order coming in just like they did in Order of The Phoenix, but we have more people this time. And off goes Harry, who, as indicated in Half Blood Prince, has no intention of going back to Hogwarts. The story does drag a bit in the first few chapters. But JKR more than makes up for it in the end.

Just like in the other books, Harry keeps thinking to himself that it has to be him – him alone – that goes on this great quest to defeat the Dark Lord. And again, he is reminded that he doesn’t have to do it alone. There are people who love Harry, who are ready to die for him, to aid him in his quest. And travelling so far ahead on luck and friends, Harry manages to wade through most of the challenges leading up to the final confrontation. And he accepts it, so much that in a few places, he actually yearns for his friends to be with him. He does manage a good deal of trouble for himself in his wish to go alone. This time however, as he realizes slowly that people out there are fighting for him and risking their lives, he does not repeat his “I must go alone” lines too much. He accepts it, and allows the thought to give him the strength to fight with more determination.

Many things that were predicted by fans come true. Such shockingly obvious things may actually dissapoint some people, who may have expected JKR to prove everything wrong. But if you accept that this is a story that was written as the author wanted it to be, and the fact that simply because some things were guessed beforehand does not degrade the events as such, things will not seem so bad.

What about the questions? So many, many questions we had, and the wild predictions they triggered… Well, JKR manages to answer a good deal of them here. Horcruxes, Wands, Godric’s Hollow, Dumbledore’s past.. a lot of such things which were hidden from us for a long long time finally see light. And it is these extra bits of information scattered around the book, but somehow strung together, that makes the whole book so much more interesting.

Harry’s amazing sense of maturity at places where we would have expected him to yield in to the pressures of his mind comes as a welcome relief. We see Harry not as a boy who is confused and unclear of his actions and thoughts. But we see him, especially in the later chapters, as one with a sense of clarity about what he needs, and doesn’t need, to do. We even see him becoming more and more able to close his mind from seeing into that of Voldemort’s, and bring himself back to reality. But, let us not underestimate his visions. They aid every bit in helping him know what the Dark Lord wants, and that in turn helps a great deal in his moving forward.

Dumbledore’s death left many questions, not only for the fans, but for the Wizarding World too. Harry initially feels some resentment towards his old Headmaster for not telling him many things… he had so much to ask… and yet so little answers. A few people crop up wishing to defame Dumbledore by raising questions on his past. Harry then realises he knew nothing – absolutely nothing – of Dumbledore’s earlier days. “Why did he not tell me?” he asks himself, and even thinks that Dumbledore did not trust him enough to do so. But such little thoughts drift away as Harry slowly faces the enormity of the task before him.

The final battle spreads across 7 chapters. As expected, everybody pitches in. Some perish, some truimph. It gets really creepy at a few points. There are two events we see between the battle, what I would say are “Chapters of Truth”, where we learn the answers to many questions. Questions that have plagued us before this book, and some during the course of the book. It is obvious that the events were there to make Harry know everything – the whole picture – before his final confrontation with Voldemort. But reading it late into the night, I have strong reasons to believe that the two chapters were meant more as relaxation points to save readers from going into panic overdrive.

And now for the final showdown, where it all ends.

A great battle erupts between Voldemort/Death Eaters and the brave section of the magical population who are ready to fight them.

And the beginning of the final confrontation is wonderfully blended with a good old-fashioned hero-villain talk. Even here JKR makes a difference. Instead of choosing to bore us with too many details from either side of what happened and how it happened, she presents it such that everything has a meaning, a purpose, toward what happens in the end. After all the spectacular duelling, some may see the end to be something like an anti-climax. As I said in the beginning, if you expect, you won’t be happy reading this. Forget magic. True to her style, JKR has ended it the way it should. It is not just a tale of magic. It has never been. It has been about human thoughts and emotions – even Voldy manages to show some, even if it is for a fraction of a second. If you can remember this simple thing, you will see unfolding before you a very very interesting sequence of events leading to the climax.

The epilogue presents what we all might have imagined. The absence of some characters in there, however, leaves us wondering what happened to them. But that does not matter really. Such a wonderful tale woven around a wondeful world… so much like ours… that which has given us hours and days of reading pleasure… has showed through it’s windows so many truths about life itself – deserves not to be scanned, scrutinised or found fault with.

Forget all your expectations. Just keep your mind open and read the story, feel it as it unfolds. I promise you won’t be dissappointed.

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It has happened again!!! 😮 (oh)

I am tagged.

And once again… it’s Pingu !!! 😮 (ohooooo)

Rules of this tag is – (direct Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V from Pingu’s page :p)

1. Name the person who tagged you with a link to his/her blog.

2. Describe what you are asked to do – in this case, publish the 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading. (If the page does not have a 5th paragraph, take the last paragraph. And if the book doesn’t have page 123, take the last page.)

3. Tag five people.

Before I start, a small Introduction to my reading habits –

By nature, I prefer books that don’t make me feel guilty about abandoning them after I complete a particular chapter. I usually do that for two other things, to feed my stomach with food (preferably tasty) or feed my mind with senseless television (the sensible part is usually boring).

Again by nature, novels are designed to end every chapter with suspense. So you see the problem. I can’t remember a single novel which I have put down (that includes my all time favourite Harry Potter Series) before I have read the last letter of the last page. I remember staying up till 6 in the morning reading Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

I’m more interested in Short Story collections than loooong novels. Books filled with Short Stories are so much better because I can finish one story in less than 10 minutes, and take a nice break after that 🙂 .

Now for The Tag

Because of the above mentioned reasons, I have developed a habit of reading a set of books on a rotation basis. Finish 2 chapters here, pick up another book, and read 3 more there…

That is exactly what I’m doing now. The books I’m currently reading are 3…

1. The First Refuge of Scoundrels (TJS George collection)

2. Malgudi Days

3. Chicken Soup for the Soul

And all of these are books which I can read, re-read, re-re-read, without a moment of boredom.

I found it so hard to select one. I was even thinking maybe I should leave them and turn to Harry Potter for the tag. But in the end, I thought it will be nice to write on all the 3. (this is going to be a loooong post….)

Book 1: The First Refuge of Scoundrels

The First Refuge of Scoundrels

This was a book lent to me by Suba chellam in the year which I don’t remember. (note to Suba: don’t worry di.. I’ll return this and Spirals without fail next month 😀 ). The other two are my books hehe.

Forgive the small image, this was all I could find 😦 .

TJS George writes in such a bold and practical way that you can’t help but feel proud that such people still exist in India. After reading a few columns of his in this book, I have made it a point to follow his latest articles online whenever possible.

There are so many truths about the Government and the politicians that we all know, but for some reason refuse to acknowledge or speak up against. That is because one of the truths is, these people hold power – and will do anything to keep it. Politicians may be just as bad as the ones projected in the movies. But sadly, unlike movies, life is not a show that ends ‘happily-ever-after’ the moment Good triumphs over Evil.

Every person who claims to be a citizen of India should read this book. It gives such a precise account of things that may not always be what they seem. It speaks of people misusing their power and influence.

Forget the speeches and campaigns. In the end, it’s all about interest. Not of the party, but of the leader. Hypocrisies unfolding before our eyes time and again prove that it is no longer the Party that has a Leader. It’s the Leader who has a Party.

To quote Paragraph 5 of Page 123 – (Oh why didn’t I get a PDF of this.. I have to type out the whole thing 😦 )

You will of course remain President of the Congress. A nominee of yours will be the Congress candidate for prime ministership. All you have to do is rule yourself out of that post. By making a public declaration to that effect, you will mark a historic turn-around.

As you might have guessed, the above paragraph is addressing Sonia Gandhi. The columns is titled “Do it.Open letter to Sonia Gandhi.Do it.”

I wonder if Sonia had read this column 🙂 . This was written months before she ‘sacrificed’ the offer to become the Prime Minister in 2004.

…All you have to do is rule yourself out of that post. By making a public declaration to that effect, you will mark a historic turn-around.

And George was right, she did exactly that, and it will forever be remembered either as a great sacrifice or a political masterstroke. Whatever it was, it completely silenced, for the moment, the opposition which had been playing the ‘Foreign PM’ card as a significant part of its campaign.

Ok I have told enough about this book, over to Book No. 2!!!

Book 2: Malgudi Days

Malgudi DaysRK Narayan is one of my favourite writers. And Malgudi Days is a book I cannot forget for its simple, realistic stories.

What I like so much about this book is the honesty with which human emotions are dealt.

Every character in this book is someone we might find among our family, friends circle or simply meet on the street. The reactions given to each situation is what you or I might feel if we faced the same.

For that reason alone, I was able to instantly connect with most of the people portrayed in the book.

To quote Paragraph 5 of Page 123 –

But Sambu’s friend was adamant. Sambu had to go alone and see the picture. It was an attempt at a new style in Tamil films-a modern story with a minimum of music. It was the story of Kumari, a young girl who refused to marry at fourteen but wanted to study in a university and earn an independent living, and was cast away by her stern father (Sambu’s father) and forgiven in the end.

“A SHADOW” is a moving story of a young boy Sambu, whose father was an actor in movies. He dies six months before the release of his last film, Kumari.

Little Sambu finds solace in ‘seeing’ his father everyday at the theatre. On the last day of the show, after much persuasion, Sambu takes his mother along with him to watch the movie.

Minutes after the movie starts, the poor woman faints with the sea of emotions that flood her heart when she sees her dead husband on screen. She is attended to by the people in the audience. She opens her eyes and tells Sambu “Let us go away.”

It’s not fit for me to describe the final scene. I will let the book do it for me.

(The final paragraph)

“Yes, Mother.” He fetched a jutka and helped her into it. As he was climbing into it himself, from the darkened hall a familiar voice said, “Kumari! Will you go out or shall I throw you out?” Sambu’s heart became heavy and he burst into tears: he was affected by his mother’s breakdown and by the feeling that this was the final parting from his faher. They were changing the picture next day.

Book 3: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul

The Chicken Soup set of stories are special.

Special because they take us on a journey into the very essence of our souls…

Special because they teach us that there is a God inside every human being…

Special because they inspire us to reach for our dreams and aspirations, and help others to do the same…

Special because they tell us to look within our hearts and know who we are…

There are so many more reasons why they are special. And it is not all about some fictional heroes. It holds real stories of real people. Ordinary human beings who went on to do extraordinary things because their hearts told them to.

We all wish to be good all through our lives. Most people just don’t know how to go about it. Especially in Indian Society, something as simple as picking up a paper on the road and throwing it into the dustbin is seen with surprise. That is how unfamiliar we are with acts of goodness. And that is why we are being duped again and again by politicians who promise to make India a more harmonious nation. It is because we don’t know how to do it.

Let’s all be nice and make this world a better place.

Well, getting back to the book 🙂 –

To quote Paragraph 4 of Page 123 – (the page doesn’t have paragraph 5… and the 4th one runs all the way upto the middle of page 124… oh my aching fingers… I really should have got that PDF!!!!!)

When I was very little, I loved to go to cemeteries with him. To me, the cemeteries were quiet, calm places full of life stories-millions of them which I conjured in my own imagination. Just the name and dates of a person’s life were enough for me. I would imagine whole scenarios about how that person lived and what kind of family he had had. I would infuse the dead of rural Indiana with all manner of mystery. Some of the graves belonged to long-lost royalty or heroes who had perished saving others. And, sometimes, I imagined that a grave bore a lover who, having met an untimely demise, would finally be forever united with the loved one in a better place. (I really believe that adults read obituaries for pretty much the same reason – to catch a glimpse of another’s life encapsulated, with all the details left to the imagination.)

This story is by Marsha Arons, whom Google tells me is a writer, author and teacher of English. In “One Small Stone, Unforgotten”, she tells of her childhood when her parents moved to Indiana, USA from Russia. Her father was a landscape gardener who tended to cemeteries as well. Marsha grows up with the cemeteries as her playgrounds.

The above lines beautifully describe the imagination of a child and, in a more subtle way, a spark of innocence within it. We see a cemetery as a place full of dead people. Rarely do we stop and think that they were all like us once, with each grave holding within it feelings that were never shown, truths that were never told and dreams that were never true.

Little Marsha thinks, and delightfully weaves tales of how each person lived his life.

As she grows up, she begins to feel bored with the surroundings and her simple parents, and wishes to feel important. She gets into university to follow her dreams.

She comes home for a winter vacation.

One morning, her father asks her to visit a grave and lay a stone. And he wants it to be done the same day. She does as she is told, and goes to the grave. There she sees a woman in her fifties. As Marsha leaves the stone on the grave, she notes that it is the grave of a five-year old child, who had died that very day 15 years ago.

The woman, who is the mother of the child, asks Marsha where her father is. Marsha tells her that he is not well and that she has come to leave the stones.

The woman then says these words before she leaves –

“… You see, when my child died, I came often to the grave to visit him. It is our custom to leave a stone on the marker. It lets the world know that the one who is buried here is not forgotten but is remembered and missed. But then we moved away… so many painful memories… all of us moved. There was no one left to visit the grave and I was afraid that he would be all alone. But your father marked the grave every time he came. Each time I have returned here, I have seen the stone and it has comforted me. Your father is the kind of man who would ease the suffering of a mother’s heart even though we are strangers.”

Marsha leaves the place feeling warm in that cold winter evening.

*** THE END ***

There!!! I have done my tag 3 times :p…

Hmmm… what next…

Tag five people…but who???

Seriously I can’t think of five more people, almost everyone I know in blogosphere has been tagged already (and completed it too… that leaves me with so little choice!!!)

There is one girl who does very rare updates, and hasn’t completed this tag from Pingu. So from my end, I’ll dump the same one again on her head :p.


60 Minutes in the Air

Doing anything for the first time is exciting. Last week I got the chance to take a flight to Chennai 🙂 . Well this is not my first flight. My first journey was when I was very young and I have very vague memories of it. I flew with my family to Bangalore. Things I remember about it:

1. It was for a duration of 45 minutes

2. My mummy showing me the clouds 🙂

3. Sleeping through most of it

So this time it was almost like a first-time experience, and it was so new and strange it would be a sin not to write it down.

My Air Deccan flight to Chennai was scheduled at 7.30 AM. Getting up early morning is a very scary thought. I was afraid I would doze off and miss it. Thankfully, circumstances in my office made sure I stayed there till 3 in the morning. I had just enough time to go home, pack and wait for the call taxi to arrive.

On reaching the airport and receiving my boarding pass, I was told to wait for security check. The next 30 minutes were very annoying. Kingfisher found it very necessary to keep annoucing the message “Kingfisher announces the departure of its flight to Nagpur, Chennai and New Delhi. All passengers are requested to report for boarding through Gate No.1 in the ground floor Security Lounge.” Well I don’t remember the exact message. I have a bad memory, considering the same message was repeated around 25 times. But you see I didn’t sleep all night, so I can be excused for not being very attentive.

While this exciting message was flowing into my ears, another microphone at the other end of the floor started creating some sounds of its own. And it was so far away I didn’t even follow what was being said there. I was subjected to 3 types of sounds at a time.. “Kingfisher announces…”, that ‘far away’ sound, and the television near by. I looked at the people around. Some sitting as bored as I was, some talking on phone (wonder if they worried about the variety of sounds coming through…), and some smartly dressed uncles reading Financial Times with intense concentration.

If it was not for the faint words that spelt out my flight number, I probably wouldn’t have realized I was supposed to go for security check. Once I did realize it, I walked toward the Security Check area. But the watchman mama there refused to let me in 😦 . When I told him my flight number, time and that security check was announced, he asked with a grumpy face “Kahan announce kiya? Jao.” I was beginning to get very upset. Thankfully, another passenger with better speech skills than me came and told mama that they had indeed announced security check, and finally I was let in.

The worst was over, and now I just had to wait for the boarding to be announced. But there too,Kingfisher was blaring out its messages and I was wondering if I would miss the boarding call for my flight 😮 . Thankfully I didn’t.

I finally stepped into my flight and took a window seat (yay!!!). The cabin crew started a demonstration of safety precautions which I found most amusing 🙂 . For one thing, the anna doing the demo did not seem to the least interested in it, and I didn’t understand a word anyway, except the one about seat-belts.

The plane started moving after a good 20 minutes and I there I was finally about to fly 😀 . After 5 minutes of moving in the runway, the plane took off. My ears did block a bit, but only for a few seconds. I looked out the window, what a sight! Especially those little blocks on the ground :p.

It seemed very nice, to see before my own eyes – long brown spaces, with green blotches and those little rectangles in the ground – a sight which I have only seen in Google Maps.

In a few minutes, we were among the clouds. Was a beautiful sight. My fear of life was the only thing that kept me from breaking the window, stretching out my hand and catching those pretty white bunch of delights. And I looked down at the ground and oh! what nice little dots there were on it. And the water below was like a large blue sheet. All this while, my poor iPod was singing away not realizing I was occupied with more interesting things.

I glanced away from the window, and found a wonderful work of art inside the plane which I did not notice, being so pre-occupied with sights outside the window. Some child, or adult who behaved like a child, had found a very artistic way of writing the letters A,B,C,D,E,F and G in the gap between my window and the next. H was written too, but for some reason the line on the left of ‘H’ had not stopped where it should have, and ran all the way down to seat level.

As I was examining this strange work of art, an announcement came up advertising some programs/offers which I could not understand. Thanks to the large amount of time I spend on the Internet, I started thinking ads only came with things that were free. Well maybe not… 😮

Soon enough, the plane arrived in Chennai… wish I had flown a little longer 🙂 . It was nice while it lasted. The akka in the cabin crew had a smile stuck to her face with fevicol as she thanked everyone for flying Air Deccan. Oh it must hurt to keep smiling for such a long time. The poor akka

For some strange reason, my return flight wasn’t as exciting (maybe because I didn’t get a jannal ora seat 😦 ), and I spent my time listening to my iPod and resting my eyes.

I only went on this trip because I could not get enough time off from work to travel by train. But I would do it more often if they didn’t charge so much hehe..

What makes me Happy… :D

This sweet girl wanted to know what makes me happy.

I just love being tagged :)…

So here it is –
[if you don’t like heavy doses of mokkai I warn you against reading further :)]

Watching (staring at) greenery, the blue sky, and a slight wind brushing my face makes it even better.

Seeing people [especially the ones I like] smile.

When my mother treats me like a baby :).

Listening to music that makes me stop whatever I’m doing, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and suddenly make everything (note not ‘everyone’) around seem to beautiful [even if it happens to be the same place in office where I have been sitting all day facing all kinds of annoying technical/human issues 🙂 ].

Chocolaaate, Ice Creeeam (which I’m eating right now :p), Potato Fry, Lays and Kurkure

Finding some interesting headline in the last page/editorial of The Hindu everyday.

When a friend calls me up [you will know how good it feels if it happens to you as rarely as it does to me :D]
Corollary: Seeing missed calls and messages in my mobile [unless it’s from my teammates/manager/airtel network – those things are quite confusing/scary/irritating respectively 😮 ].

When someone says I’m a good girl :p

When my friends laugh at all the silly jokes I (try to) make.

Reading interesting forwards.

Finishing a job that I really worked hard to do.

When I get the time to go to a temple, and just sit there in peace – forgetting everything – for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Everything that makes me laugh.

When I feel something very deep in my heart and it comes out quite well in words.

When friends share their feelings with me. (It’s not like I’m happy at their state, but the feeling that they trust me does give a slight shade of happiness)

All the people who have turned my life from the hopeless wreck that it was 6 years ago to the happy and beautiful one I’m living today (includes the girl who made me write this post).

I took a Chalk
And tried to draw
A Circle to contain
What I knew as Joy

The Chalk split into seven
And drew a Rainbow
The end of which
I could not see

I kept walking
Looking for the end
But why did I feel something
Growing in my Heart?

Was it not little?
Was it not contained?
Oh, the Joy I had
Was growing within me

The more I looked outside
The more Joy I found inside
How I wish the Rainbow never ends
How I wish the Rainbow never ends…

Happiness is not doing what we like, it is liking what we do. Find it, See it, Feel it in everything you experience. No one hates to see a smiling face (unless you are a serial/cinema villain/villi). The world has never regretted having to hold one more happy soul.

Stay Happy always!!!

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