8 Things To Do Instead Of Watching A News Discussion

WARNING: For People With The Generalization Disease !!! :)… This post is not including by default all the shows ever aired on national/regional/local television. Some may be good, respectful and informative. This is purely aimed at a few shows which do not even qualify as being called discussions…

1. Watch A Cartoon In Chutti TV – Frankly, they make more sense to the average human mind. As for the children, it’s best not to let them listen to ‘experts’ in news discussions. Cartoon characters, even baddies of the extreme kind, have a better sense of conversation.

2. Go To A Fish Market – If you have listened to a few of the ‘debates’ that go on, you will know what I mean.

3. Read The News Elsewhere – Ten minutes with a good newspaper in your hand, or scrolling through Google News, can give you more information than hours of discussion on news channels. As for youngsters who think watching these shows can help you ace GD, please think for a few minutes as to how your prospective employer will feel… sitting in a room full of people talking the way they do on the show.

4. Listen To Music – Actually, I would recommend this more for people who regularly follow these discussions for the sake of it – it really helps keep your pressure in control! I would recommend a break every five minutes.

5. Have Your Own Discussions On The Same Topic – Normal people, with proper conversation skills can arrive at conclusions, or a compromise at the least, within a few minutes. And you can know what you feel about it, without letting people on TV decide it for you (they decide for the entire ‘country’… as they say…) Even if you can’t win the argument, you can just laugh it off and start talking about the latest movie releases, or crib about your job – makes you feel much better, doesn’t it? 🙂

6. Talk To A Friend – Atleast you could catch up on something closer to reality.

7. Watch Your Favourite Videos, Over And Over Again – Rather than watching the 10-second amazing-because-I-couldn’t-get-anything-else video footage played over a hundred times.

8. Stare At A Blank Wall – Really… What’s the difference???

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  1. joe

     /  October 18, 2010

    you are very nice mean blog,very genious,


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