Corvie and Vulpie

NOTE: I know all of you are good, honest people and will not google and check the words in the story, even if you do not understand some of them. Still, I would like to request that you don’t

A geriatric member of the feminine group devilled a conglomeration of cosmestible components in a scalding lipid. Within a hardly significant interval in a nonspatial continuum, a member of the corvus genus (Name: Corvie) flittered through the firmament and purloined a modicum of the suateed entity.

Corvie festinated to the apex of a perennial multicellular organism. A carnivorous member of the Vulpes genus (Name: Vulpie) perceived the esculent material with Corvie and fostered an appetence to partake the same.

Vulpie confabulated with Corvie the following statement –

“You exhibit an enticing enunciation. Would you proffer me a composition?”

Perceiving Vulpie’s blandishment as veridical, Corvie unclosed the mandible and effectuated the descent of the conglomeration.

Vulpie secured its dominion over the pabulum and scoured forthwith.

*** THE END ***

This piece is an experiment to prove two facts:

1. What will happen if Jamie starts writing in big biggg difficult words, and to make you feel more thankful that Jamie doesn’t do so 🙂

2. How you can make a complete complicated mess out of something which can be expressed clearly using simple words.

If you were able to conjecture… oops 🙂 … guess the story, post a comment. Even if you were unable to do so, comment anyway :p . Comments with guesses will be withheld till next week, when I will give out the actual story. Even if you think you are correct, please don’t reveal it your other friends who may be reading this.

If you are interested, you may see my inspiration here. (Nothing against the author, but I definitely don’t feel comfortable reading something that makes me refer a dictionary once every 10 words.) :p

A cordial valediction to all!!!! 🙂

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  1. Pingie

     /  March 1, 2008

    vada sudra paati kadhai…kaka vada thukitu poyiduchu…nari vandhu kaka ve paatu pada solli emathi vada eduthutu poyiduchu…


  2. Hey

    wonderful rendition of an good old (olddddddddddddd……) story….
    ரொம்ப நாளைக்கு பிறகு மனசு விட்டு சிரிச்சேன்…..

  3. Jamuna

     /  March 27, 2008

    romba thanks 🙂
    neenga sirikira alavuku na ezhudhinadhu irundhadhu enaku sandhosham… 🙂


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