Jamie’s Smilieee Guide

Got the not-updating-often guilt into my mind again. I really don’t know why but I seem to be writing more mokka kavidhais than posting here :|…

Introducing you to Jamie’s smiley dictionary –

[:)] – Happy

[:(] – Mmm… not really sad, summa showing like I am

[:D] – So happy I could shout eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

[:o] – I just told one periya significant (to me) matter so you better react the same way :p

[:'(] – Very sad/angry. Maybe I really am crying

[>:(] – You are the only reason I’m angry right now

[:p] – I am a crack and you know it, I know it, so you will treat me like one

[>:)] – Evil look. I am making up my mind to either torture you with my meaningless (eevilll!!) blabberring or vaangify your maanam by doing some evil thing

[:|] – Nothing to say

[||:(] – Banging my head on the wall

[…] – Same as above

[eeeeeeeeeeee] – Random shouting, usually for no reason at all. May also be used as a substitute for ‘:D’. (Specially reserved for Pingie, though others may have to endure it at times)

[///////], [{}{}{}{}{}{}{}],[+=+=+=+=+], and other random (but aren’t they pretty 🙂 ) designs – Hear meeee! Reply to meeee!!! How dare you minimize my windoooow?????? (may also use eeeeeeeeeeee for the same)

[kjfsf  fjldkfd dlfdflfkldkf;], and many such random letters/characters – Same as above