This Week’s Colourful Post :)

Here is this week’s colouring work – 🙂
(what a nice way to ensure a post every week!!!)

No living things over there, so I doubt we can get any characters here. 🙂
Maybe it’s not as good as Duckie but atleast I tried :o…
And I’m toooo sleepy to elaborate on this right now so maybe I’ll update this later.
Your comments are always appreciated!!! 🙂


Jamie and The Red-Eyebrow Duckie

Yes I know the spelling of D-U-C-K-Y but I like spelling it D-U-C-K-I-E :). (like Jamie, Subie, Pingie, etc…)

I suppose you are curious about the Red-Eyebrow Duckie (R.E. Duckie) in the title (I don’t suppose you are very much curious about the Jamie in the title). You see, the Dear Duckie… ooo duckiiieee… kutti kutti duckieee… cuuutiee duckkiieee… I love you my duckkiieeeee.. hmm… where was I? Ah yes, R.E. Duckie was first born as an Outline along with the Outlines of a few other things related to the place where duckies are usually found. The poor thing was doomed for Life as an Outline. 😦

Luckily, on the same day that Duckie appeared, Jamie found a Sketch-Pen set lying on her bed. So Jamie immediately set out on a mission to save the Outline Duckie and transform it into an Outline-Duckie-With-Colour. The result of which you see below –

Questions you must not ask

1. What is that orange plant?
2. Why is the above mentioned plant growing on a green rock? And why does that rock look more like a computer mouse?
3. Why does Duckie have Red Eyebrows?
4. And last of all, do not ask about the little shade of blue on Duckie’s face which Jamie has so ingeniously disguised to look like a Dhrishti Pottu (in the wrong place)… Oh no did I just say that???

All other questions, comments, scoldings on how terrible I am at colouring, are welcome…