Let me Feel a Heart

I was merrily wasting my time in Orkut… Suddenly, this one struck me out of the blue. Don’t ask me why/how I wrote this. I don’t know!!! 😮 I did refine it a bit. But I’m still clueless how this happened.

Lord! Let me feel a Heart…

That shows Love which
Always Sees Deep
Into The Eyes of Another

That shows Trust which
Never Seeks Intentions
Behind The Words of Another

That shows Glee which
Never Needs Reason
For Kindness from Another

That shows Sorrow which
Never Fears Emotions
In The View of Another

That shows Reason which
Never Judges a Character
Through The Actions of Another

That shows Courage which
Always Speaks Up for Itself
In The Presence of Another

That shows Kindness which
Never Hesitates to Share
The Sorrow of Another

That shows Innocence which
Never Finds a Reason
To Put Hatred upon Another

That shows Humility which
Always Accepts as much Goodness
Residing In the Heart of Another

That shows Beauty which
Always Knows and is Proud
Of The Lord in Itself


The Post!!!!

The Master has spoken!!! So now I have to write something… all these days a bad net connection, bad health and a lazy mind made sure that this blog got a break from my mindless typing. But now I have to post!!!

So what should I post about… Cricket (right as if we really need to read more about that :o)??? a Story (please no pleeeease…)???

Maybe I’ll just put up a small poem…

The Stone

In a box
Lay a little stone
Watching a pair of hands
Carve out many jewels

All the little gold pieces
Swelled with pride
As one by one they made
Beautiful works of art

“I am so worthless”
wept the stone,
Seeing the pretty work
Of which it was not a part

“I was locked for years
And was hit on a hundred times
But what is the use of it all?
If I am to perish without worth”

Then it heard a bell
And a few footsteps
A kind voice spoke
“Is it ready, Sir?”

“One moment please”
answered another voice.
And to his surprise
The stone was lifted out of the box

The little gold pieces
Who were sneering at the stone
Suddenly fell silent
As the man spoke

“For hours I worked
On designing this art
But none of it is complete
Without this gem”

With these words
He placed the diamond
Upon the jewel
And it glowed even more

The stone realized
The reason it was taken last
Was not lack of worth
But a worth that was greater than all