Below poem is dedicated to Pingu and all the unfortunate souls stuck in the Corporate mess…

Years of Dreams
Days of Learning
Hours of Studying
All get us into
A strange world called Corporate

To see some money
Every thirty days
We lose our peace
We lose our soul

The Heart cries out
To do what is right
But it is thrown by the side
What the ‘Client’ says
By that we shall abide 🙂

The Heart wants one
To believe in the Self
But can be shattered
By a single Appraisal 😦

A world where
Forgiveness is little
Someone on the other side of Earth
Lost a little time
And hence our soul is tainted
And we are seen as Sinners

A world where
They want us to think out-of-the-box
But don’t free the mind
From the ‘Process’

A world where
We are expected to forget
Our Near and Dear ones
But we should care, feel and think for
People half-way across the globe
Who do not even know we exist

O! New-Age Gurus
Who have so many answers
On how to reach a goal
We Walk on a path which
We do not know where it leads
Is there no answer for us?

This is all I could think of at 12 in the night :)… will try to write a more ‘feelings’ poem later…