Failure – The Unusual Gift of God

Pre-Blog Statement – After being down for a couple of weeks due to chicken pox, I’m finally back to full power (i think…) once again!!! Initially, I was going to write about something else, but the arrival of semester results today has diverted my mind significantly (which actually means i totally forgot what i was going to write about amid all the confusion!). So, in keeping up with today’s situation (confusion) I will write about Failure… What it is, what it signifies, and why most of us blow it out of proportion.

At the moment of failure, it is only natural that we feel dejected, lonely… well you know how it feels… it’s ok to let all those feelings come, but not for more than a few minutes, as it will cause you to lose perspective on reality. People generally tend to think their success at certain points in life evaluate their worth, which is not always true. The real worth of a person is often revealed in simpler, seemingly insignificant situations. In other words, what we do routinely though sheer character is more important (and more noticed) than what we accomplish through specific efforts. This is one of the reasons some famous people, seen as failures at a young age, have gone on to become great personalities. Note the word great, not just successful.

There are two paths at the road of failures – one, constant dissapointment that would only spell doom… two, a stronger character that would teach us acceptance of the many obstacles in the path of life. Obviously, path number two is better. It’s due to the simple fact that the more failures we face, the more tolerant our character becomes to face many other problems that life may throw at us in the future. And it will help establish the fact that life is, never, a bed of roses. So we must view failure for not what it means to us at the present moment, but what it has taught us about the future.

Recollect what I wrote earlier. People will never judge you by how much you have accomplished. A good, pleasant character will do more than enough to cover up for what you could not achieve.

Only To Those
Who Fail Often,

Success Is Sweetest
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  1. Suba

     /  February 22, 2005

    Are u sure???I mean,are u sure that people donot judge you by what you have accomplished?
    This is what I think – the people whom you know very well judge you by your character…and ppl whom you donot know very well judge you by what you have accomplished in life.
    It is for you to decide whom to give importance to…


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